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Automotive application

Automatic Brake Disc Assembly Line Balancer

1.Balance detection and correction is automatically completed.

2.Fully automatic loading and unloading reducing high labor costs.

3.High sensitivity sensor with good linearity.

4.Rigid structure design high service life and durability.

5.Photoelectric type safety guards automatic alarm and halt when failure occurs.

6.Widely used in the balance correction of various disc-shaped workpieces with regular outer circular surface

7.Suitable for medium and big batch production

Electrical power application

End Face Drilling Four Station Automatic Balancing Machines

1.Automatic loading and unloading of the assembly line

2.12 inch human-machine interface

3.Six-axis linkage simultaneous processing

4.Short product replacement time

5.Soft-bearing balance measurement system

6.Widely used in balance measurement and correction of water pumps, rotors and other products which need remove weight on end face can be connected to rotor production line to achieve automatic production

Electrical power application

Five Station Wound Rotor Automatic Balancing machine

1.Automatic loading and unloading of the assembly line

2.Friendly human- machine interface

3.Wide range of product applications quick and easy product change

4.Rapid production beats a high reduction rate

5.Soft support high-precision balance measurement system

6.Independent research and development of software and hardware equipment can be personalized features

7.Widely uesd in all kinds of household applianceselectric toolsstarter motor rotor balance correctionproduct comes with automatic line in and out of the material the degree of automation is extremely high

Automated Balancers

Today's competitive manufacturing environment demands lean and efficient solutions. JPBalance Europe can bring measurable value to your bottom line by providing you automated balancing systems for fast and efficient balancing operations. Whether your balancing operation is drilling, milling, grinding or weight addition, adding our automated balancing system and software can greatly increase your accuracy and throughput.

JPBalance Europe uses the latest Windows based computer platform running latest software. With touch-screen panels, easy to navigate menus, and off-the-shelf servo controls, our automated systems are both powerful and easy to use. This combination allows us to create customized automated solutions based on your requirements.

With our in-house engineers, we partner with you to create a manufacturing solution that will yield value and efficiency.

We will also use PLC and robotic controls for pick-and-place part handling for ultra-efficient fully automatic balancing. Call us today with your automation challenge!