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Horizontal Balancing Machines

Horizontal balancing machines are ideally suited for rotors with their own journals.
They are universal in design in that a wide variety of parts, sizes, and shapes will fit a given size machine as long as they are within the weight, diameter, and length limitations.
Horizontal machines use mostly hard-bearing technology for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
Standard sizes range from maximum weight capacities of 0.5kg to 500,000 kg and higher.
All models are available with a variety of instrumentations to fit any budget or meet any technical requirement.

Most of our standard horizontal balancers meet our customer’s needs but there are certain applications or part configurations that require special treatment. In those cases our engineers review the project and make recommendations. What we recommend is usually a modification of our standard balancers. Some applications may require a soft bearing suspension or a different correction system, or a self-driven requirement. If you have a special request, we will be glad to review and give you our best recommendations.

Horizontal dynamic balancing Machines


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Balancing Machine


Balancing Machine

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