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Dynamic balancing improves the quality of the workpiece and reduces wear

Any imbalance at a rotating part will generate vibrations in the machine and

thus generate faster wear of the bearings and drastically shorten the lifetime of the unit.

A Balancing Machine is an instrument designed to measure and eliminate the imbalance mass of a rotating part resulting in better functioning of the machine, drastic increased lifetime of the machine and generates a positively strongly improved quality.

Balancing Machines

JP Balance Europe offers the complete line of JB static and dynamic balancing machines, including universal horizontal machines, single or two plane vertical machines with tooling and integral correction devices, and custom designed machines for any application.

Dynamic balancing is a way of balancing machines by rotating parts quickly and measuring the imbalance.

The imbalance measured can then be corrected by adding or removing weight from the rotating parts until the vibration is reduced.

Basically, all machines have some form of residual vibration. Enormous vibration in rotating machinery can cause high levels of noise and more importantly, significantly reduce the life of components. So, the ideal thing to do would be to remove all causes of vibration and allow the machine to run completely smooth. The process of balancing is the removal or addition of weight to the device, so that this effective mass centre approaches the true axis.

In addition to dynamic balance, there is also static balance. When a part is statically balanced, the centre of gravity is on the axis of the rotation. This means the part will stay stationary at a horizontal axis, without the application of braking force. It also has no tendency to rotate due to the force of the gravity.

Balancing Machines for rotating parts

Balancing Machines are advanced technological solutions that allow to delete the rotating parts vibration of electrical, mechanical and electromechanical machines, improving their life and performances.
Vibration and noise are usually caused by the unbalances present in the rotating parts. In order to delete this phenomenon each rotating body must be balanced dynamically through a balancing machine during the productive process phase.

Our balancing machines typologies are:
  • Automatic and semi-automatic balancing machines for armatures and rotors.  Unbalance correction by drilling or milling.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic balancing machines for fans and electric fans. Unbalance correction by weights addition or material removal .
  • Horizontal manual balancing machines for shafts and rotors. Unbalance correction  by masses addition and displacement, milling and drilling.
  • Manual, semi-automatic and automatic balancing machines for disk-shaped rotating components.  Correction of the unbalance by drilling or milling.
  • Manual and semi-automatic balancing machines for turbochargers. Correction of the unbalance by milling or grinding.

Professional manufacturer of QUALITY balancing machines

HIGH QUALITY Dynamic balancing machines made for Europe

We have fifteen different series and more than 40 models of balancing machines, including belt drive balancing machine, universal joint drive balancing machine, vertical balancing machine, cross flow fan blade balancing machine, drive shaft balancing machine, self-drive balancing machine and auto-positioning balancing machine, two-plane axial flow balancing machine, smart balancer, soft bearing balancing machine, automatic balancing machine, turbo balancing machines, new energy motor balancing machine, automotive cooling fan balancing machine, automotive heater balancing machine, etc.
Our products have been widely used in fields like fans, motors, air-conditioners,automobiles,internal combustion engines, Aera-spaces, textile machinery, metallurgy and etc. 


automotive components
building technology
home appliances
industrial electric motors
Machine tools
Power tools
Textile machinery
Woodworking machinery

Product Categories

Automatic Balancing Machines
Belt Driven Balancing Machines
Universal Joint Driven Balancing Machines
Vertical Balancing Machines
Drive Shaft Balancing Machines
Crankshaft Balancing Machine
Turbocharger Balancing Machines
New Energy Motor Balancing Machines
Axial Flow Fans Balancing Machines
Cross Flow Fans Balancing Machines
Cooling Fans Balancing Machines
Automobile Heater Balancing Machines
Portable Balancing Machines
Self Drive Balancing Machines
Auto-Positioning Balancing Machines
Soft Bearing Balancing Machines
Measuring Unit
The development and manufacturing of rotors for precision equipment in consumer electronics, machinery, industrial products and other industries requires high quality dynamic balancing technology that prevents vibration at high rotating speeds. Our dynamic balancing machines provide the critical data necessary for eliminating balance problems and creating precisely balanced rotors.